Veteran, Homemaker & Artisan Business Woman


I am an artisan that makes various handcrafted crochet and sewing items. I have been crocheting all my life but didn’t start doing it full time until 2015.

I am a homemaker, veteran & now an entrepreneur. I love design unique blankets and blending colors together. My mother taught me how to crochet and sewing well that I learned myself through trial and error.

I always challenge myself with a unique style of crochet and patterns. So far All my crochet projects have been one of a kind patterns that I have designed myself. Take a look at my gallery and see all of my completed projects.

My parents always told me to find a job that is my passion. If you don’t love what you do than it is just a “job”. I am living my passion in creating items that people love and can share for years to come. This blog is about that my passion which has become my business and I love it. Read post about completed projects, current projects, sales, listings and all that entails of growing a business.

This is my journey and I will love to share it with you. Please subscribe.




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