Seaside Stash Busting Blanket Week 2

So it is Feb 1 yes, I am trying to catch up on this challenge. I know you all are getting these post past the actual dates but this is the only way I can make sure that I keep my promise to you all.

So another day has passed and I can say that so far I have been able to understand the pattern. Now I am not sure if it is perfect with keeping the 180 stitches but it seems like the edges are keeping even.

Also some of the Trebles (DC for american terminology) the ones on the edges are not double. I believe I messed up but I think it looks good. I hope that Coastal Crochet, can forgive me for my mistakes but I am learning how to read patterns. Before this challenge I just basically have made my own “patterns” so this is the first time following someones elses.

I am a slow crocheter it took me about 3 – 4 hours to do the 4 rows.. Hopefully as I go it will get better and faster for me.

I am almost caught up. By Friday Feb 3 I hope to be completed with week 2. Seems like it is looking like it should. The colors are popping very much and I love it.

So this is how I looked like today writing week 2 pattern:


So this is me being caught up to week two…


Yes I know this post are way after the challenge week but I already have others schedule. So what do you all think? Have any of you start the challenge?


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