New Laptop &

I am so happy! With my business money I was able to buy myself a laptop, Well it actually is an Asus chromebook which is very different from the laptops that I am use to.

It is runned by google and it is taking me awhile to get use to. I have had it for about 2 days and already I have been slowly moving my records digitally to my google docs. I love it so far!

So I have been trying to start my new custom order, it has not been happening. I tried taping graph paper together and draw it out that way. Nope did not happened, the lines were not matching up so when I was finally ready to write down the pattern it just wasn’t matching up.

Than I tried my spreadsheets on my IPad… yeah that didn’t help either. The program would not allow me to change the graph squares. From there I went to my husbands laptop. Well that worked a bit but unfortunately I had to wait until hubby was off of work to use it. That is just frustrating.

So finally talking to one of my friends he suggested a chromebook. They aren’t that expensive and I can put everything on my google account so anywhere I go I can get access to it.

My hubby being more tech savvy than me, he look for one that was within my budget. Finally we found it on amazon and I love it! I am learning it still since it works with apps and all. Not that difficult.

So now that I have it I had done research on making a graph afghan. As you read above it has not been easy for me trying to figure it out. I think I found it though! is a free website that lets you have up to 15 files. You can make your own patterns or use some that they offer.

They also offer more options for your designs but there is a monthly or yearly cost. Right now I am choosing the free option, if I use it more often and I truly like it I might actually do the yearly subscription since it seems that option is more cost effective for me.

Basically in this website you also can put your input of what you like or don’t like. Meaning the website wants you to give suggestions in order for them to improve and it seems that they actually listen. It isn’t perfect but I can say that for me I like it.

As I go I’ll post more updates on the laptop and

If you have a chromebook I’ll love to read you input. Do you like it, does it work for you? Also if you use how do you like it? Do you give suggestions to them. Is there another sight you recommend for crocheters to use for creating their patterns.



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