Crocheting Books that Helped me

 This week I want to talk about how I have a few books that are my go to books. My mother of course taught me the basics and that is what helped me to start crocheting again. But I have always wanted to learn more. I went to YouTube; which I can say it helped me a little but. I went to different blogs and again I gain some knowledge, but I couldn’t figure it out though. I was getting frusturated and ready to give up.

Well my husband suggested to me that I should research and see if there are books out there that I could learn from. See I learn by reading and pictures. I am a slow learn ( or that is what I classify myself). I have always had a tough type learning things visually. I have a process. I read, look at the pictures read again and then I try to do it myself. For the most part I can learn it better that way.

So on Facebook and Instagram I went and started getting into the crochet groups. I started asking and I can say that crocheters are very nice and love giving advice and help novice crocheters. So I got an author first, than I went to the library and checked out the book. I liked it and tried to buy… Couldn’t find it.

I started asking in the groups again and someone directed me to my first dictionary. It is called Crochet Stitch Dictionary by: Sarah Hazel. I can say I love this book! I’ll do a review of it later but if you are learning or want to expand your stitch knowledge I suggest you go here. This book gives you step by step directions and illustrations. I love it. 

From there I made my first custom blanket which my customer loves! Than she requested another custom order… The Graduation Sash. This took me hours and days to figure out. I looked for patterns, for books I even asked… yes, my trusty crochet Facebook groups ( I Love these groups! ). Well no one really was able to help me since they didn’t seem to have the experience in making one. Well I started to get an idea. What about if I make the folds out of the chevron. Again my trusty book gave me the steps on how to make the chevron and I was able to complete my second sell.

Than came a challenged… Adult Afghan Blanket. I had no idea one how to make one. I thought it was just a pattern and size that made the project called Afghan blanket… Oh how WRONG I was. Well I went on the Facebook groups and asked. They explained that it was actually called Tunisian blanket and that it had a right and wrong side of it… Okay. Time to go to the internet and do more research. When I got so confused my hubby comes and suggest. Why don’t we go to a Barnes & Noble and see if they have something. Me being a loyal fan of Joanns stopped there first. Nope nothing. Than I went to Barnes & Noble and it was there! Should have listen to hubby on this one. The book is called: Ultimate Crochet Bible A Complet Referene with Step-by-step Techniques by: Jane Crowfoot. Oh man was that a Life saver! So here goes my third sell.  This is the detailed and the pictures are huge so you can actually see how the stitches look. I love it!

I also used that same book for my Lilac afghan baby blanket, with the exception and I wanted a new stitch included. So my hubby and I went to Joanns and bout a pocket size book called Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide by Kim Guzman. This helped me create the bottom of the blanket. These are a bit more complicated and took me a lot of patience and frogging until it came out right. I did it though. 

I have two other books but I have not used them yet so I wont talk about them just yeah. If you would like a more detailed review on the books mentions please let me know and I’ll gladly do it. Ill even put some photos on the inside as examples if you want (not all the way since I don’t want to get in trouble. )

Here are the books on how they look like in order from the 1st to the last:


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