Crochet Dolls

So I have ventured into the unknown again. My hubby bought me these Star Wars crochet dolls kits. I haven’t started on them since I first want to complete the projects that I planned right now. But eventually I will get to them. 

Again another first for me since I have never crochet any dolls in my entire life. I can say I am loving this world of yarn and crochet. I love how my mother taught me the basics and now I have the time to create all these beautiful products.

The only thing I am finding difficult is that I am not finishing them in a timely manner. Either life throws curve balls at me or my chores at home pile up and I stop crocheting for awhile. I am trying to find my rythmn. I have this app that is really helping me right now. I have so many things but slowly I am carving time to do it. 

Right now I can only crochet twice a week. Not good but it is needed. I wont get into details since it is not pertaining to my buisness nor crochet. Just know that I am doing my best to come back full force on working at crocheting five times a week as before.

I would say that when my hubby gave me these gifts I truly felt intimidated. But now that I have a few unique projects under my belt I feel more confidant that I can make them.

My fingers are itching to open the box… Well I did on the first box and I read the book. Again I got intimidated but that was because I really didn’t have “enough” self-esteem to tell my self that I could do it. Now though… I can do anything!!

Just like the Marine Corps. Once you past that hurdle of fear you get confident and are able to tackle anything that comes your way. Well crochet for me is the exact same way. 

Here are the boxes that my hubby bought me. Any of you have any experience in making dolls? Any advice for me? 


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