Lilac Afghan 

My husband is officially a customer! I am so happy about it. One of his co-worker just had a baby girl. Once I finished the red and black afghan blanket I had to start on this one. 

It is a simple afghan stitch. The bottom I was trying out a new afghan stitch but it wasnt working and lookong like I wanted. So I decided to combine it with the simple stitch.

I guess it really depends on the type of yarn you are using will depend the type of stitch you can use. I am happy how it is comimg out though.

This yarn is a bit on the fine side. It also comes wavy not like your typical yarn which is straght. I think that is the reason as to why the other stitch waa not coming out.

I set a challenge to myself with this project. I actually told myself that I wanted to complete it in 2 weeks. I know I started about a month ago and only was able to complete a few hours. For me it still counts though.

Once I am done with this blanket I will be starting on my husbands best friends blanket. He wants a very special blanket. Lets say it will have TN pride in it. 

Of course cant divulge more until I am done.
Here are the details of my finished baby afghan blanke:

4mm hook used

Inside deminsions: 35×40 inches

Outside deminsions: 42 1/2 × 37 1/2 inches


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