Afghan Adult Blanket

 In Febuary my former Sgt. From the Army contacted me. She wanted me to make her an afghan blanket for her with her college team colors.

After dong a bit of research and going to my trusted crochet book I read how I could make one. So buying the materials and the hook I need I went ahead and told her I’ll make it.

This one is due by mid-June and it is a new challenge for me. I have never done one of these but just like my previous projects I will not turn away from a challenge.

I have been working on it and if you follow me on Instagram and snap chat you will see the progress I have been making.

I didnt realized that I would used as much yarn as I did. I had to buy yarn twice because I miscalculated. Luckly for me Joanns carries these colors so I didnt find it hard to purchase again. 

I actually had a family emergency so I was not able to finish it time. On my family emergency stay I managed to finish it. Now it is laying on the living room floor getting wet blocked. 

So enjoy the pictures! I had so much fun making it.


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