New Storage Pouches

So with every custom order I am including a custom storage pounce with my crochet projects. I also will sell them seperately on my etsy store. I will post up pictures on the type of material and colors I have so when a person buys it through the etsy store they can have the option of that. 

I will be putting a different prices depending on the size of the product someone buys. They will be made the day of or day after the payment has been made. This pouch will have a generic feel but one of comfort and uniqueness for each individual sale. Meaning I will have different fabric for you to chose from. Once it is gone though it is gone and I will be uploading as frequently as I can new fabric chooses. 

Here are two examples that I made for the two custom sales I had. Let me know what you all think.

The pink one was my second try and the red one was my third try. I wont pit my first try because it looked horrible.


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