Graduation Sash

So in Febuary I was contacted by my previous customer wanting me to make her a gradutaion sash for her little sister. I had to do some research because I have never made one and have no clue on how to start.

Ater going to, pininterest, facebook, etsy, wordpress, instagram and google I didnt see any! I cant believe that I couldnt find any crochet or knitted graduation sashes! 

So I went to my trusted crochet bible book and reading through it I had an idea. Why dont I try to make it using the chevron patterns. 

I made a mini one and it came out like I wanted it. So after buying the yarn I started to research the deminsions of it. I found a website that sells fabric sashes for colleges, and faternities. So I basically made the measurements and went with it.

It came out a bit large since the high school graduate is a petite young lady. So I tried getting my customer to come in to get measured unfortunately she wasnt able to so I had to finish it with the original length.

Wet blocking the sash after I finished making it.
Close up of the angles of the sash. Chevron pattern used to make the sash sit flat on her back
These are the pompoms for the sash. It took about 4 tries until I was happy, I also outlined the sash with a gold thread to make it pop.
Here is the sash with the pompoms attached and the first numbers. It took me a little of trial and error for the numbers but i got it.

This sash was a true challenge for me but I loved working on it. I made a few mistakes with this one but you live and learn right.

I love how the year came out. It was a bit tricky but I got it!

Working on this and trying to figure out how to shorten it was another challenge. I do love the outcome and being able to put my shop logo on it makes me feel like a real professional! I know that is silly but I finally have a tag on my products that have a nice clean cut to it.

Here is a little video of the completed sash. I cant wait to give it to the customer. 

Items Used:


Yarn: Red heart Team Spirit

Material: 100% acrylic

Color: red/white

Type of yarn: medium (4)

Total balls used: 3

Pom Pom

Yarn used: Red Heart Boutique Sashay Team Spirit

Material: 97% acrylic / 3% Other fibers

Color: Red/White

Type of Yarn: Super Bulky (6)

Total Balls used: 1

Edge, letters & numbers:

 Yarn: Darice Cord Plastic Canvas

Material: cotton and plastic

Color: metalic gold/ silver, beige

Total Balls used: 3

Back of Sash:

One sided interface

About 1 1/2 yards used


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