Infinity scarf with a twist

So I finished one of my blankets for the shop, and decided that I needed a break. My type of breaks are to learn new stitches, scarfs and hats; using luxury yarns for family and friends.  This month I uploaded my second scarf. My hubby modeled it for me and he kept the scarf, since it has been cold here in Santa Barbara, Ca it has gotten a lot of use.

Anywho… I needed another break and I got an idea. I have these scarfs that are infinity scarfs but are twisted and very wide. So I basically use them as a hoodie when hubby and I go for our walks. Since they are very thin I though of doing the same thing with the yarn that I have. 

One thing I learned about using only luxury yarns is that it gets expensive if you need three or more skeins. Since it is for me I don’t mind the price tag.. so basically I used the up&down stitch throughout. I can’t say the twist was intentional because it wasn’t. I wanted it to be a smooth infinity scarf but i wasn’t careful and it ended up twisted.

I do really love the outcome and it fits just like I want it to. It’s nice and wide to keep me warm and I can still wear it as a scarf and at the same time I can lift it like a hoodie. I do notice it slides down easily but I imagine it’s because of the yarn since the texture is very smooth. 

I’m so sorry I lost the yarn labels. This tine there wont be any details on the yarn or companies. Here is one picture that i have managed to take below. Follow this link to view my yarn review. Comment below and tell me what you all think.


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