God’s Blessing!

Sorry I have been MIA, I have good knews though. I have been crocheting gifts and dispalying them in instagram, snapchat and facebook. I have 2 orders and 1 pending!

I have been working on getting some photos done and trying to get the vidoes done. With my sisters baby shower this weekend and me traveling back and forth from home and Santa Barbara I have not been able to complete them. Hopefully by the end of this month we will be back home permanently so I will be able to post more often.

A little bit on my orders:

I have a high school graduation sash to complete before June. I noticed that there are not a lot crocheting or knitting sashes made so these past two days I have been doing a prototype. I finally found the pattern Im happy with.

The second is a team theme afghan blanket for an adult. This one needs to be completed by mid June. I have never done an afghan blanket before. A while back I bought a book claiming to be the bible of crocheting. I think it is! Because there are three patterns on how to make an afghan for beginners and the hook I need for it. 

I am waiting for a potential client to tell me if she wants me to make her an infinity scarf. This will be the first one i make for a sale. Tomorrow I hope to get the green light.
What is so special about these orders is that one is a repeat customer. Remember the one I did the grey and white blanket for back in Nov – Dec 2016. Well she called me back! I know that means she is really happy with her blanket to trust me with another order.

The second customer is new but we have a history. She used to be my Sgt in the Army. She is responsible in helping and teaching me to navigate the Army culture. I have so much appreciation for her. She wants to support my dreams and so decided to give me an order. We might not talk everyday but her friendship and support humbles me. I never thought a friend would support in this matter. I have gotten advice and one of my friends made my logo, bit this is really special for me.

The third new potiential client is my husbands co-worker here in Santa Barbara. I have met her a couple of times while picking up my hubby from work. I love it that when my husband showed her my instagram account not only did she follow me but she said she might order an infinity scarf.

I try not to get religious here and I apologize if I offend you.

I have to thank God (SWT) for the blessings he is sending my way. I have been feeling a bit down thinking I might not get another sale but in 2 weeks I have 2 confirmed and 1 pending. With out his blessing and the support from my family and friends I think I might have given up already. I pray that God keeps me in his warmth and keeps guiding me to the path of success that he has made for me to follow.


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