Silence Broken

Sorry I have been gone for such a long time. We are still traveling and the place we were originally started to not work out for us. We have been in a new place with free WiFi now! Yippee! I’m doing my happy dance.

I have finished an infinity scarf for myself but I am currently looking for a “model” to take some pictures. I still have to do my YouTube review video so hopefully I’ll be able to do that today or tomorrow.

My phone broke also so I have been waiting to get a new one. I finally was able to go and pick it up since it was under insurance but now the phone isn’t making calls… so I guess now I have to call the number.

So yes for about two weeks or so I have not been able to crochet or log on to all of my social media apps since I mainly use my phone for that. I do use my iPad but since it does not take great pictures or videos simce it is so old I use my android instead.

Sorry again for the silence and I’ll try to finish up my post about my scarf. As soon as I’m done I’ll make sure I’ll post it on here.
Now to call my phone company and get my phone up and running 100%


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