My prototype detergent Bag

Since I havent been home I have decided to post about a project I did a few months back. Took me awhile since my phone has not wanted to cooperate until now.

I live in an apartment that does not have a washer/dryer inside. We do have a laundry room and only one elevator for the whole complex. I also live on the third floor.

Going down to the first floor is easy since the elevator is not that far from my actual apartment. the problem is that the laundry room is on the “garage ” level. so that means I still have to go down approximately 16 – 20 steps.

When you’re rolling two laundry baskets (yes we have a lot of laundry for the week), and trying to also carry a bag with the detergent, softer it gets a bit heavy and it’s a challenge.

So I decided to help myself out a bit. I made a little bag to carry 10 tide pods, and another to hold my dryer sheets.

The first bag was not something I was like “AMAZING!” but I am proud of it and I used it as my learning curve.

The reason I didn’t use a pattern is because if I choose to start selling them I wouldn’t be able to. One thing I am finding out is that I cannot use a free pattern or a pattern I bought and sell the item made. of course there are exceptions but I want something that is mine and unique.

My second bag I am saying “AMAZING!” I love it!. it looks better and it is slimmer and has buttons! Of course there is always room for improvement but for my two first ones I am very proud of them and I can’t wait to make it better.

Here are a few pictures of my first and second begs.

If you have any advice or suggestions or if you like it please let me know.

This is my first bag, first part of the video.

This is the second part.

Here is my new improved bag. but there is always room for improvement right?

Here is the new and improved bag. of course there is always ideas in my head to make it better.. for now though I think this is great.
Let me know what you all think..


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