Crocheting in Santa Barbara

Sorry this post is late, to many “issues” have been going on. Read on for the juicy details.

Last wednesday  I get a call from hubby letting me know that I need to pack a two night bag because his job needs him to go help a center in Santa Barbara. So here I am at about 3pm and trying to find us a hotel, pack and finish cleaning up the house.

I get all the arrangements and give a short thank you that I didn’t start prepping the ingredients to the recipe I was going to cook the next day. So everything goes back in the freezer and frig and the last of my “clean up” is done.

Walking out the door I forget my yarn! I quickly go back and get my much needed new addiction to keep me sane. 

Well, on Friday they told hubby we had to stay more than just two nights. So this past weekend we had to go back home pack more clothes, and i packed more yarn…. just in case. We bought some groceries and took some from the frig cause I didn’t want the food to spoil.

Today Wednesday  (a whole week later) I get a call from hubby again letting me know that  we don’t know when we are going home. Management wants him to stay but they are unsure for how long! At least we have a kitchen and yes my beautiful YARN! So I’m not going insane…. yet…

So since last week (with the exception of this weekend), I have been crocheting about an average of 4 to 5 hours a day. I am so happy because I am almost done with my order! I am hoping that by the end of this week I’ll be done. 

I have about 13 inches to go then the border. So this order will be done ahead of my due date! I’m so happy! I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I am so happy I brought my other yarn like that I can make more blankets so I can take my etsy shop off of vacation mode and hopefully sell more.

Again I do apologize for not posting as scheduled. Hubby also got sick here and so did I. So I have been getting us back into shape too.

At least we are staying in what they call a Bed and Breakfast. Our “cottage,” which is more like a studio apartment has a full kitchen. At least we don’t have to worry about all that restaurant food that will make us sick.

Can’t wait to show you all the photos of the finished blanket and the beautiful places where I crocheted it here.


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