Crocheting Away

Hello again,

I have started working on a new baby blanket. This one is a bit more of a challenge for me, because I am using a different yarn. So far I am not that far, my hand has been but I  not giving up.

Iy has taken me about a month to finish it. I had to do some unraveling and at times wanted to just throw it away. With hubbies encouragementioned and knowing this is for my baby nephew that us arriving in a few months I kept going.

Before our anniversary honeymoon trip I wanted to finish the blanket and other gifts I was working on.

So here are a few pictures of the finished gift projects before we left last week. They are in black and white, once given to my sister you will see the full color of the items.

A baby blanket with a learned border. it is a modified pivot border since I couldn’t get the directions 100% but I do like how it looks.

I made a baby burp cloth. My husband has named it the “baby belchers.” the stitching is from my new sewing machine I had to buy (that is another post entirely).

Made a few bibs for the baby but this was before I washed the fabric. they shrunk a but so I had to wash all the fabric and now I’m ready to do more bibs.
So forgive me for not posting on schedule. I have been on a mini-honeymoon anniversary vacation and we just got back today.


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