Trying Something New

Adult Afghan Blanket, dimensions: 66″X54″; selling price: $45.00 (made in:Torrance, CA)
Hello again,

Thank you for coming back and if your new thank you for stopping by. I have two blankets that I have completed and have been on my etsy shop for a awhile now. I have not had any takers yet… Hmm.. Not sure if it is the description, photos, or just not liked. 

Well today I am trying something new. Ebay has a “valet” program, which means you give them your product and they will market it and sell within 60 days. It is free to ship it to them and no charges are accumulated within those 60 days. If your product sales then they get a percentage of the sale. So I have calculated the percentage and even with their own cut I still make a bit of profit. So I’m going to try that out. If I do then this might be a second avenue of selling my products.

There’s always different type of ways to try and market your business. I have no actual degree or experience in business but all the research I am doing I’m hoping it pays off in the end. If not than I have really cool items I can give away to family, friends and charities.

Adult Afghan Blanket, dimensions: 75″X41″, Selling Price: $55.00 (finished Torrance, CA)

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