Welcome! My Etsy Shop

Project finished 2 weeks ago
Hello and Welcome,

I am so glad you have chosen to visit my blog today. As this is my first post let me tell you a bit about my shop and myself.

I am an Etsy seller! I started my shop 8 months ago and I am loving the experience. I have always wanted to open my own business but was unsure of what to do. I always loved working with my hands and I loved crocheting and sewing since I was a kid. Finally after years of having my career and feeling that it was more of a job than a passion as it had started so long ago I started to think about being my own boss.

My amazing husband has helped me and supported me in my decision. He has encouraged me to keep going and to not give up on my dream. Being your own boss is a thrilling feeling and at the same time very scary. I play many roles and never thought that I would  be able to managed them. From being the designer, marketing and sale rep I am learning how my creativity can integrate into a business that gives me satisfaction.

I keep working everyday to better my shop and myself, I try new forms of patterns, stitches, and type of material that I use. I know that I have a long road ahead but its an experience that I am loving.

As of now my shop is on “vacation mode” until the end of the year. Being my own boss I am trying new venues on where to sell and making more inventory everyday. Look forward to different crochet and sewing items. I will post up pictures and short videos in black & white of my projects that I am currently working on.

I thank you for joining me today and I hope that you can hit that subscribe button. I will post as much as possible time permitting.

Liza Khan

Founder & CEO



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